Rafał Kwaśnik


I specialize in corporate law, commercial law and litigation. I have particular competences in the field of new technologies law. From the legal point of view, I run complex IT system implementation processes, including, among others, by representing both suppliers and buyers of software. In addition, I also provide legal assistance in the field of investment processes and advisory regarding transformations, mergers and divisions of companies and enterprises.


On a daily basis, I identify legal risks, indicate optimal business solutions and coordinate the ongoing commercial services for the Law Firm's clients. I am available, committed and understand individual conditions and needs of the Client. In direct relations with the client, I create an atmosphere that allows for free formulation of needs and expectations. I place great emphasis on clearly indicating the advantages and risks of a specific legal solution.


My professional experience also includes many years of cooperation as a lecturer with the Poznan School of Banking (WSB) and training for entrepreneurs in the field of contract law.


Blog: obsługaprawna.pl


phone: +48 574 666 516
email: r.kwasnik@core.law