We actively support online business from the legal point of view. On a daily basis, we work with the top brands of the e-commerce industry in Poland and our legal solutions support thousands of transactions made every day.

We are members of project teams responsible for the development of online stores, creating mobile applications and online services. Our clients involve us in their business processes from the very first step of the project to make sure that the directions of development are in line with the regulations.

We believe that legal issues in the E-Commerce industry require appropriate design - so that they serve greater sales and better conversions. We actively participate in legislative processes and in the implementation of new regulations to online sales processes.  


What we do?

As part of the E-Commerce specialization, we deal with, among others:

  • creating regulations for online stores, marketplace websites, as well as mobile applications and online services,
  • designing shopping paths from the legal point of view,
  • reviewing and consulting the content of online stores, methods of informing users about prices,
  • optimizing the legal elements of sales processes in order to improve the user experience,
  • implementation of legal framework for omnichannel strategies,
  • advising on price management, complaints and returns,
  • creating privacy policies and policies for the use of cookies and similar technologies,
  • support in direct relations with regulators, e.g. the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection,
  •  adjusting online business to changing legal regulations.

Who is the specialization for?

Our E-Commerce practice is directed to every online business operating on the Polish market or intending to enter the Polish market. Regardless of the size or area of ​​activity. Our team will comprehensively take care of your store legally, so you can focus on sales, which is the essence of your business.  


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Bartosz Pilc

partner, attorney-at-law

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