Business of new technologies - IT projects, start-ups

We are a law firm working for the business of new technologies. We advise on the processes of technological changes in large enterprises. We comprehensively support smaller start-ups. We represent investment funds in the investment process and in the acquisition of companies.  

What we do?

We write IT contracts, we help plan processes, we are members of project teams. We advise founders on how to properly define good and healthy terms of cooperation and we translate this into partners' agreements.

We carry out due diligence processes. We handle the investment process at various stages of the company's life, and finally the acquisition processes. We understand the crucial importance of intellectual property rights to a technology-based economy.

Our support would not be complete without consulting and support in the process of obtaining funding. We have extensive experience in handling disputes related to obtaining funding, as well as their settlement.

We build, secure, negotiate, and provide benefits.

Who is the specialization for?

If you represent a medium or large entrepreneur looking for specialists in legal services for a technological project or you are a founder who needs comprehensive legal support for your business, you've come to the right place. We will quickly enter the processes of your organization and find the best solutions, tailored to you.  

Or maybe you represent an investment fund and are looking for a law firm that will help you comprehensively handle the transaction of entering or taking over a company? We will be happy to share our knowledge and experience and we will help you go smoothly and safely through this process. 



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