Ochrona danych oraz cyberbezpieczeństwo

We are specialists in the field of personal data protection. We implement or help tame regulations in the area of ​​data protection, support data protection officers, information security representatives, and conduct training. We introduce solutions thanks to which our clients protect data and can focus on what is most important - running their statutory activity.  

What we do?

The practice of data protection and cybersecurity is one of the most important practices of CORE Law. As part of this practice:

  • We carry out audits of the compliance of organizations (private, public) with data protection regulations,
  • We prepare the necessary documentation required by data protection regulations, including GDPR. We operate comprehensively in the area of ​​the entire information security management system, as well as in selected processes or projects,
  • We give opinions on everyday and unusual cases and indicate good courses of action,
  • We provide comprehensive support and advice in the event of incidents. We assess the risk, define the necessary actions, and represent it in relations with public authorities,
  • We train team members in the area of ​​data protection and cybersecurity legal regulations,
  • We are members of our clients' projects, where we are responsible for the area of ​​compliance of a new product or service with data protection regulations,
  • In  cooperation with our company CORE Consulting, you can outsource the services of a data protection officer.

Who is the specialization for?

Data protection regulations apply to all entrepreneurs and public institutions. We work with large enterprises and companies from the SME segment. We also provide services for public entities. Each client requires a slightly different perspective, usually associated with a different approach to risk. We have implemented projects for approximately two hundred and fifty organizations. Almost 90% of them became our regular customers. Find out what and how we can do for you. 


Find out about our achievements in the field of data protection and cybersecurity.

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