The decision to change jobs is often not an easy one. That was also the case for me. However, I knew that the second year of attorney-at-law’s apprenticeship is a good time to face new challenges. And there is no shortage of such challenges at CORE Law, which I found out very quickly.
Already during the interview I felt that I have found a place that offers great opportunities for development and also respects employees. My intuition did not disappoint me.  During almost 3 years of my work at CORE Law I have completed many interesting projects, which gave me a lot of satisfaction. Working for CORE Law is also an opportunity to learn from more experienced lawyers, who are willing to share their knowledge. This is especially important if you are just starting your legal adventure.
If you are looking for a challenge, want to develop yourself and enjoy a good atmosphere, you should definitely send us your application.

                                                                                   Joanna Wojtysiak-Tierling

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Dlaczego warto do nas dołączyć?​

Interesting customers

We work for the largest Polish and foreign companies.

We support development

We provide internal and external training tailored to the needs and practice. Your career development is very important to us.

We create the law

We are creating a data protection industry code for the marketing industry.

Flexible working time

You work with us at times adapted to your daily rhythm.

Open communication

Regardless of the position we hold, we are on a 'first-name basis'.

Comfort of work

You like to work in peace and quiet - with us you have such an opportunity.

Friendly atmosphere

We care for good relations. A well-coordinated, supportive team creates the best projects.

We reward achievements

We appreciate your commitment, ideas and work. We provide a bonus system adapted to the position.

We support passions

We understand that passions can play an important role in life, and with us you have the opportunity to pursue them while developing your career.

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