Kamila Maciejewska

lawyer, ISO 27001 internal auditor

I am a lawyer, ISO 27001 internal auditor and specialist in the field of personal data protection. I act as a Data Protection Officer, as well as manage projects including, in particular, the correct implementation of regulations in the area of ​​personal data protection.    


I became interested in the subject of personal data protection because of the flexibility that the GDPR shows and, consequently, the possibility of creative but nevertheless strenuous work. The ongoing contact with people, the joint implementation of beneficial and improving daily operations solutions is an element of this work that I particularly enjoy. Audits, on the other hand, are a perfect combination of contact with the client and the practical application of regulations, sometimes "on the fly".  


On a daily basis, I am responsible for ensuring that clients' activities comply with data protection regulations. Apart from day-to-day customer service, building of the data protection system, implementation of new solutions, procedures and instructions, conducting audits, I am also the editor of the "COREnews" magazine, where as part of our team we translate legal language into content understandable to the average audience.  


When cooperating with clients, the most important thing is mutual understanding, not only on a substantive level. Good cooperation, in my opinion, can only be built on proper interpersonal communication, including respect, support and trust. I try to implement such assumptions by helping clients, which is especially important in more difficult, often stress-generating situations.  


Privately, a lover of miniature spitzes, long walks, travel, as well as a passionate advocate of a holistic approach to health, based on a plant-based diet and many years of ashtanga yoga practice.    

Blog: coreconsulting.pl/blog

I write for CORE news - a data protection guide.


phone: +48 535 889 710

mail: k.maciejewska@core.law